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Does "warm milk" mean "hot milk" ?

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Please explain

For example: The table, which my grandmother gave me, is very heavy. Is this right? Should you ALWAYS use a comma before 'which'?

Have you ever went to the hospital because you thought you were gonna die? vs. Have you ever gone to the hospital because you thought you were gonna die? vs. Have you ever been to the hospital because you thought you were gonna die?

can you imagine how he will be after the exam -> is that grammatically wrong or right?

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: "Over" is more of a colloquialism. Not wrong, just not literally right. It is definitely an acceptable usage. the correct word would be "on" if you are being strictly literal. You would miss the head if you smacked over it, in a literal sense.

Best answer: inactive is pretty well what it means. literally asleep (from french dormir = to sleep, dormant = sleeping). not doing anything active but still alive. sort of like hibernating but usually meaning with even less activity than you would get by simple sleeping. It is asleep, in a sense. Definitely not... show more

Which sentence is correct?

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A. The toy plane shot down ten feet and crashed into the ground. B. The toy plane shot down by ten feet and crashed into the ground. Thanks!

I'll - Ahll or oll They - Thell or tholl Thank you so much!

Best answer: school Bullies the need to show how superior they think they are Just Grammar Nazis Many Forget Yahoo is INTERNATIONAL and Many Users don't use English as a First Language Grammar Nazis Must be reported for RANTING

What a stupid, hopeless generation.

Which sentence is better?

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Best answer: Out of thin air, the magician produced three birds. Out of thin air is an introductory clause - so needs a comma. If you transpose it, though, you wouldn't have a comma; The magician produced three birds out of thin air.

Best answer: They are happy for you and happy for themselves to even be somehow related to you. They must be good because you are good. They will brag about how great you are to others. They are so proud of you that they can hardly wait to brag about your great achievement. It is your achievement even if they somehow take... show more

How do I correct this sentence?

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The lesson from the movie is, doesn t matter how popular you are if you re not somebody s love, you re alone.