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I know inflation is inevitable. but to me, the prices during my teen and 20's which was 80's and 90's are the way it is supposed to be reasonable prices of things. I was in CA and back then, movies were $4-7, gas was $1-2/gal, average 2 bedroom apartment rent was $500-800. Most of fastfood combo meals... show more

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2025?

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With the Brexit deal deadline almost up one of the concerns is the border control between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It seems the British can’t decide if there will be a soft border or hard border. Reunification for both Ireland’s could be a possible solution but what impact does it have on the... show more

About my delivery...?

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Best answer: SCAM. SCAM, SCAM Do NOT send this person any money you don't want to lose. Don't let your desperation to get to the USA cloud your common sense. 1. Why would an official American immigration person use a free email account ? Answer is they won't 2. why do you want you send money to Belarus ?... show more

For example, when they see the tiniest scratch on something and they expect 90 percent off, so we tell them there has to be significant damage for us to even give 10 percent off. But sometimes our managers approve a 5 percent discount just to shut them up and get them out of there! But what would happen if we just... show more

Is Allsorts agency legitimate?

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I have been looking to get into modeling, I m not expecting anything huge but it s a decent way to make some money if done right. I know about a lot of scam companies like "the studio" and "river models" but there s so many out there it s hard to tell what is legitimate. I did a lot of research... show more

Best answer: It's out of focus but may be Thai.

How do I ship things to someone?

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Best answer: DO NOT put brown wrapping paper around the box. They don't like it. Go on the usps.com website. It will tell you how to prepare and label your package and you can figure out the approximate cost to ship. Be aware that sometimes it is cheaper to use flat-rate Priority shipping. Once you've prepared the... show more

I hate my second middle name and feel very self conscious about it. :(

Best answer: You need to work your way up to that position. Just because you are ready to become manager doesn't mean you really are qualified.

Best answer: Yes is the short answer.

Best answer: If the debits and credits in an account do not match at the end of the period, then the account has not been properly reconciled. When the debits and credits do not match it [usually] means a transaction has been entered improperly. therefore an entry into the general journal will need to be made in order for the... show more