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What is your favorite scent?

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I'm 30. I have stage 3 liver-failure (steato-hepatitis). Every morning, I feel shaky and frail like I'm 80 years old. Sort of like, I can't move my arms and legs like I used to when I was young. The good news is: my doctor said they should have a cure for me in 2 years. Advice Please. What am I... show more

Best answer: If you're that concerned about metals in your water, get yourself a water distiller. About $100. Makes a gallon. But uses quite a lot of electricity and might make your parents upset about a steamy kitchen.. Alternately look up the Zero water pitcher filter. ($30 with a cartridge about $10) * Just a... show more

Fortified foods. Most natural foods do not have it..some mushrooms have it if exposed to light. But ppl are said to get vit D from sun exposure. In the fortified foods, some brands get D from sheep wool, some from a lichen, some from types of yeast or mushrooms. So is this really necessary to add to food everyday,... show more

How can you stay high?

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I love to get high, but it doesn't last forever. How can I stay high?

CBD oil for sleeping help?

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So basically my dad suffered with cancer a couple years back (he survived and his fully recovered cancer wise) and now due to numerous reasons he has trouble sleeping with certain pains what not and just lack of being able to. It’s his birthday in a couple week and instead of buying some worthless present I... show more

Best answer: Vaccines, whether live or not, introduce antigens into the body. These cause a person's immune system to produce antibodies that will target any antigens from the actual virus or bacteria if it should become introduced to the person that has been immunized by that specific vaccine. This is my understanding.... show more

My throat hurts so bad and very uncomfortable that I couldn't even sleep. What otc med would you suggest for me?

I think my friend has a hookworm. She does not like doctors, instead she seek a non-medical remedy,... is there such?

I was born in 1990 which means I'm 29 years old. My doctor said stem-cell therapies will become widely available in 20 years; so life-span should skyrocket. I guess my main concern is we'll all have to work until 90, before we retire. Your thoughts?

Best answer: drink something sugary like a soft drink or eat toast with butter and sprinkle sugar on top perfect to balance your blood sugar and it taste like fairy bread. I love it for a munchie snack and for getting my blood sugar up. Just eat or drink anything that has sugar in it it’ll make u feel better but don’t have a... show more

Best answer: When you get for the first time acupuncture done on you, "should" start with 15-20 minutes, even sometimes less as first day start. And every next day treatment should be about/around 5 minutes more/longer than previous day, without the massage after counted. After appears the little pains all over your... show more

What to eat to heal up colon ?

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