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Natural selection relies on two things: 1) the fit reproducing 2) the unfit dying so...?

please help I want to like please please

Counter Intelligence may, or may not entail the skillful use of propaganda and psychological manipulation to disrupt the activities of the Enemy. Propaganda entails the use of selective information, which entails sophistry and the distortion of factual knowledge. However, the extent of its success can never be... show more

How then can DNA, a language being many, many times more sophisticated and complex, be attributed to natural forces and chemicals?

Best answer: Can be either depending on the function (eg tan(x)). Majority of the answer say that the slope of a vertical line is undefined which is true because you cannot divide anything by zero. However, if you take ∆y/∆x where ∆x approaches to 0 then ∆y will approaches to infinity. And if you take -∆y/∆x where ∆x approaches... show more

Best answer: Say no to drugs..

pls help me. Thank you!

Best answer: A funeral is a very specific situation. People are very quiet and polite. They are there to honor the person who died, and to give the family their support. They're not really interested in you as a speaker, nor are they going to be critical if you're not fluent. All you have to do is say something nice... show more

Please I need some other advice besides breathing or pretending the audience is in their underwear

So I have my intro: In a world where all hope is lost, a group of young, British, boys fight for civility against a natural, survival, Instinct of savagery. Will they succeed? The, "Lord of the Flies," novel by William Golding gives us this theme of savagery versus civility when young, British,... show more

I'm in college and I've just received a D on the first paper that was due. I had 4 people review the essay and revised it three times. This is the lowest grade I've ever received on a writing assignment. English had always been one of my strongest subjects. She told the class that she is a tough grader... show more

For instance "We only know of the men because they are in the public eye.

Do yuo heve a calculater?

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