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Best answer: from 9:30 to 12:00 is 2.5 hours -------------------- it takes 2.5 hours to pick 1/3 of an acre The remain 2/3 of an acre will take twice as long which is 5 hours. ----------------------- She takes a 1 hour lunch at 12:00 which brings her to 1:00pm Then another 5 hours to pick the remaining 2/3 acres brings... show more

We are going to have a workshop about about a systematic approach where participants will discover their real potential, success qualities and who they were designed to be.

Best answer: Paper bags are needlessly wasteful. Get a lunch box or a reusable cloth bag.

Best answer: No. The present condition of education in this country is terminal.

A. Damages B. Contributory negligence C. Voluntary assumption of risk D. The standard of care

Best answer: This is a rate problem Convert to how much is done in a unit of time Drew builds a box in t hours Therefor 1/t of the box is built in 1 hour Eric builds in 3t hours    Therefor 1/(3t) is built in 1 hour Together they build a box in 5 hours    Therefor 1/5 of the box is built in 1... show more

Best answer: We got them from England. England changed to the metric system; the US didn't.

1/5 + 1/7 =?

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Best answer: Try googling 'florida coordinates map'. However, for a place as large as Florida you can't really use coordinates unless you use a range, i.e. 'Florida is between this coordinate and that coordinate'.

To what extent did the rise of guilds impact urbanization?

Best answer: Be sure to double-check your work, but if it is indeed correct, you have proven that 5 = 5 *no matter what x is*. In this case, we say "x has infinitely many solutions".