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I am 21 and was diagnosed with camcer. I dont want to spend all of my time in a shitty hospital and a lot of times cancer comes back even with treatment so its stupid to waste a bunch of money on it.

Can you Forget to Breathe?

12 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 2 days ago
Best answer: yes.. the simplest example is when you experience extreme emotions like crying and laughing uncontrollably.. or when committing to a voluntary action like singing long notes in an opera or diving under water.. Mog mentioned Sleep Apnoea (or Apnea in American English) which is an excellent answer, and it is the... show more

Can breathing in feces, urine and other bodily fluids harm someone?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 10 hours ago

Do you have an illness that is wrecking your life?

11 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago

I thought it was soy milk but it was cow. Help

I was taking a shower and accidentally a snorted like a drop of shower water into my sinuses and it burned. My sinus started to feel infected, which is nothing new since I get a lot of sinus infections, but now I’ve convince myself that i got a brain eating amoeba. I’m a hypochondriac and have severe anxiety. I... show more

I did all my blood and hormone tests and they came out fine. I also get shortness of breath and sometimes my heart feels like it skips a couple of beats or t caught an air bubble ( like it’s burping lmao) for no reason, even when I am not stressed, tired, excited etc. What could it be like? I had a heart attack... show more

Help do I need urgent care ?

9 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 5 days ago
I’ve been sick with a cold for about a week and a half . I’m still coughing up yellow mucus & when I blow my nose it comes out. Last night my throat started to hurt and now I can barely talk also when I cough it’s painful .

Is it okay that my stove was on for almost 10 hours?

6 answers · Allergies · 10 hours ago
I have a gas stove and i guess my roommate did not realize she did not completely shut off the gas stove.. the fire was not on but i can smell the gas and i was wondering what that smell was until i saw the sign on my stove that said the stove was on. there are no windows in the kitchen because the living room is... show more

At what point do you to the Emergency Room with a stomach virus?

5 answers · Infectious Diseases · 11 hours ago
My husband is super super sick ever since last night and he hates ever going to the doctors but I’m a little worried about him. He hasn’t been able to really eat anything or keep much liquids in his body. His symptoms are : Diarrhea Upset stomach Vomiting Dizziness Fever 102.6 Headaches Chills Really bad... show more

I have a metabolic disease called type 2 diabetes?

13 answers · Diabetes · 4 days ago
I'm freaking out

Can young men get prostrate cancer?

6 answers · Special Education · 13 hours ago

Why are liberals so miserable?

6 answers · STDs · 1 day ago
Best answer: Because people who are easily offended aren't very happy