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Google told me I have colon cancer please help!!!!!!!?

16 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago
Best answer: Go see a doctor. There is a lot of information on Google- both good and bad, and that can be misinterpreted. The sooner you get to a real doctor who is looking at your particular issues, the better you will feel for knowing the truth. It may be that you have hemorrhoids and not cancer, and it may be that you are... show more

of horrible communicable disease like ebola! Who knows where these people's hands have been! Is it really worth risking your health eating food cooked by strangers?

Do people with diabetes die young?

8 answers · Diabetes · 8 hours ago

Can I go to work sick with pneumonia to my job in a nursing home?

10 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 2 days ago
I serve and cook food in an Alzheimer’s unit in a nursing home. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia today and told it was highly contagious. I am being trained to become a CNA right now so I know how risky something like pneumonia is for the residents. I told my boss about my pneumonia and I’ve tried calling... show more

Why are people acting like the flu is some deadly epidemic?

8 answers · Infectious Diseases · 18 hours ago
I've gone my entire life getting the flu every once in a while like no big deal.. Now all of a sudden, "I got the flu last year.. OMG, I will ALWAYS get the flu shot now!!!!" "OMG, the flu!!!! OH MY GOD!! I'M PANICKING ABOUT THE FLU!!!!!!!!" Is it mass hysteria?

How do I get rid of bruise/bump within a day?

9 answers · Skin Conditions · 1 day ago
I have a giant bruise/bump in the middle of my forehead and it’s really embarrassing. I need a way to get rid of it before Monday. I can’t go to school like this.

Cancer, how to spot cancer?

7 answers · Cancer · 15 hours ago

Is 112/60 a low blood pressure?

10 answers · Heart Diseases · 3 days ago

my hearst hurting mY chest so much oh god im homeel alone im going to pass out help

I rubbed a pumice stone too hard on my legs!?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 14 hours ago
Best answer: Of course it will come back... Skin is constantly growing (and shedding) new layers, it will heal.

Boils on butt ? No insurance, please help?

8 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago
I’m a 20 yr old girl, who has had a boil problem. They always appear on my bum, specifically like where I sit. They cause the worse scars & always pop up in the general area. Never has it been close to my anus or private area, but I mean they’re on the butt cheeks. I don’t particularly eat unhealthy. They’ve... show more

Banned from showering at night?

10 answers · Skin Conditions · 3 days ago
I have back of neck eczema, vagina thrush, tinea versicolor and athlete's foot and fungal based perioral dermatitis and I must shower twice daily to reapply my topical medications. My step-dad said I should only use the shower in the morning just cos it's making the shower blinds wet and it doesn't dry... show more

My mother overdosed on her medication and went into cardiac arrest. Technically she was dead for 3 minutes. Since being home she has not slept except for the odd 15minutes once or twice a day. She is hallucinating both visually and audibly. I keep trying to get her to sleep but it s like her boy wont let her. I m... show more

Best answer: Half brother/ half sister