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Why can’t atheists have morals?

25 answers · Infectious Diseases · 20 hours ago
As an atheist, I find it offensive when people say they cannot. I’m curious to see if anyone has a good argument for this.

Where were you born?

16 answers · Heart Diseases · 1 day ago
Hospital? At home? At a sleazy motel? In an alley?

Not unless there was a total drunk or insane person somewhere nearby? It never happened. Now, especially in Democrat run cities, it's like everyday life. It doesn't have to be that way.

Best answer: chugs disease which damages the heart

Polls & Surveys: Sprite or 7Up?

33 answers · Allergies · 4 days ago

What’s the deal with atheists?

13 answers · STDs · 2 days ago

Why is my VAGINA more regulated than guns?

8 answers · STDs · 3 days ago
Best answer: Do whatever you want with your vagina. It’s the child we care about. You do know we made it a crime to murder someone right?

Rule of Thumb is That The More Indian Docters & The More Philippina Nurses the better the care!

any of them who are part of antifa or promote violence shouldn't be able to get one

I think I have diabetes?

13 answers · Diabetes · 3 days ago
So I used to urinate about 2 times a day. Now I m urinating about 6-7 times a day, however I don t feel thirsty alot. I still drink the same amount of water I normally do. However it s just that I ve been urinating more lately. I have been eating quite alot of sweets and chocolates. Do I have diabetes?

Best answer: Of course. Given that about 40% of adults middle-aged and older are considered to be obese, and even more are overweight, (and there is a correlation between overweight and heart trouble) if being 'overweight' was a contraindication to heart surgery, it would be available to almost no-one who actually... show more

What can I do that would help get rid of my back acne?

7 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago
I’m 23 and back acne has been a problem for me for a few years. I do not get acne anywhere else on my body except the occasional one on my face every now and then. I will admit I am a picker but I still feel like I can never catch a break with acne. What type of medicine would clear my back up? Or any type of... show more

Very low energy, sometimes even a state of pain in my body. The effect is much less pronounced or even absent when I have a small, more "ketogenic" meal. This I found on my medical chart after taking a blood test last year. I don't watch what I eat, in fact I gorge on sweets, daily, in part because... show more

What cures the disease?

7 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 2 days ago
Medicines or Body's immune system

Did you know I beat bronchitis without going to the doctor?

7 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 5 days ago
Best answer: Oh? Yeah, I have too. It's not exactly surprising. IF it was bronchitis, it was likely just acute bronchitis, which generally needs no treatment and if it is viral-caused than there is no cure for it anyhow, it just has to go away on its own. But when was this? This spring? A stronger immune system usually... show more

Apple cider vinegar made sunburn worse?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 16 hours ago
My son got a bit of sunburn on his arms today at football practice. I was looking up some quick home remedies and apple cider vinegar kept coming up so I tried it. I diluted it with a little water and had barely started patting it on his arm when he started freaking out and said it was lighting his skin on fire. ... show more

Should I wear diabetic shoes if I am diabetic?

5 answers · Diabetes · 17 hours ago

So long story short, i was at work and i saw a syringe in a shopping cart, i dont know if it was used or not, but it had a cap on the needle and i grabbed it from the body or whatever its called. I didnt see any blood and i probably had it in my hand for about no more than 5 minutes. I didnt wash my hands until... show more

How to euthanize a cat humanely and least painful?

9 answers · Infectious Diseases · 6 days ago
Best answer: Call the cops and they will come and shoot the cat. It will be fast and painless. DO NOT go near it as if it scratches or bites you you WILL get rabies. You will need shots to save your life. A shot in the head is fast and the cat will know nothing. There is no better way.