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If money doesn't bring happiness, what does?

77 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago

Not renewing lease?

18 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 16 hours ago
My mom and I leased an apartment and now it’s time for renewal. But I don’t want to renew the lease but my mom does. Can my mom renew on her own? My name had to go on the lease because she didn’t meet the minimum income requirement and she still wouldn’t meet that if I were to decide not to renew my lease...

My mother had a problem with the IRS last week, as they took out $800 from my college savings account. They were able to do this because we had a joint account set up. She then called the IRS a first time asking if they could put the money back or if she could do payments. One of the workers then told her that the... show more

Best answer: They can have any rules they want. But I imagine the restriction is on who is the host of the party; that is, who is responsible for what happens. It's hard to believe they care who the "guest of honor" is. On the other hand, they probably won't let anyone throw a rent party where you charge... show more

How badly can breaking an apartment lease hurt your credit?

20 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
I'm 8 months into a 13 month lease and have decided to buy a house. Per my lease agreement I have to give 60 days notice before I move out and then pay 2 months rent to break the lease. They initially waive my security deposit when I moved in. There is some damage to the apartment but nothing major. Can they... show more

Should I expect at least a 50,000 job after I recieve my bachelors dehree?

43 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 4 days ago

Application question "Do you type?"?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 14 hours ago
I'm filling out a job application, and one of the questions asks "Do you type?" (Yes or no). Does that literally just mean like computer typing?

Should I drop out of college?

17 answers · Investing · 2 days ago
After 2 years of learning and trying... I'm finally consistent in profiting from the stock market now... Should I drop out of college and focus on this now?

How to quit a smll business?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 15 hours ago
I work at a mom and pop pizza shop. I am the only employee of the husband and wife that own the place. Ive been working for two months but am simply over it. I feel bad and nervous confronting them (telling them im going to quit) what would be a good excuse that they would understand?

My family is making me feel guilty about my career decisions?

21 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
I’m completing my Masters Degree this May. For the past two years I’ve been living at my parents retirement home near the college I am attending and paying their mortgage for them as rent. This area does not have any jobs in my field of study. I let my parents know that I had an interview for a position four hours... show more

Can I get a loan to buy a small home?

17 answers · Personal Finance · 3 days ago
Im still a college student and I don't have a legit job yet. I babysit here and there to pay off few bills and don't pay taxes cuz I don't make much. a few years ago I worked at a movie theater for 3 months. so thats the only time I payed taxes. but now since I'm moving out of my parents place I... show more

Best answer: Do not claim exempt. You do not know when something might change that would make even one dollar subject to tax. You don't have to give the IRS a great big interest-free loan; you can minimize it. I find it odd that with everything else you told us, you did NOT say how many allowances you have been taking on... show more

What do I do? My father has ruined me!?

14 answers · Small Business · 2 days ago
My dad opened up a restaurant and bar, about 2 months into it he ran out of capitol. With me having good credit he wanted to use my name for the loans. I wanted to help him so I proceeded. I signed the loans for him but they needed me to be the owner of the business. So my dad has me sign to be owner, which I... show more