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Starting wearing contact lenses about 2 months now and since Monday my eyes have been burning and they're red and I can't look up into the sky and the glare bouncing off cars when I'm driving makes it hard to keep my eyes open and they start to water it really ***** me up. It's worse with the... show more

Do you wear prescription glasses?

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Best answer: Yes, I sure do. Can not see anything without them. I have three pairs. One I always keep on me, one in my car and another near my computer.

Can I call the office and get another receipt?

Best answer: I don't believe people, even specialists, can know whether someone needs prescriptions or not (unless they're squinting a lot). I do know there are machines that you stare into and after focusing and unfocusing an image while observing what your eyes do, they can generate a pretty accurate information about... show more

Best answer: This does not add up. If you need -1.75 and -2.25, you don't see fine. If your doctor was out to get you to buy a pair of glasses that you don't need, he would have prescribed much less power. If you really need power like that, you should have at least noticed a change in the exam room. For example, a... show more

Do you wear glasses or not?

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Best answer: Yes, I wear prescription glasses with the biofocal lens.

He was very young when we learned of his weak eyesight. We have been to many doctors but all they say is they cannot do anything and we will have to live with that. They say his eyes are growing rapidly in size, unable to adjust his vision. They advise us to wait till he turns 18 and get laser done. But to us... show more

Earlier today I was frying some bacon and I think some of the oil went on my glasses. Are they going to be okay? Or are they done for. This is the first time I ever wore glasses and I m asking out of concern because I don t see any questions similar to mine. So if anyone is kind enough to give me an answer I ll be... show more

Do you wear glasses or not?

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Should I tell my mom or wait?

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Hi, I am a 15 year old female and I am a freshman in high school and my school is having a mandatory eye screening and hearing screening for all freshman next Monday. I sit towards the. Middle and back in most of my classes. I can see fine from the middle, but in 2 of my classes where I sit in the back I squint too... show more

I have one eye that works but I'm tired of wearing glasses my whole life an I'm in my late 20s. It would be a dream come true cause my eye sight is so bad i can only see close up or even drive a car without getting nervous.

Ever since I came to this world, I couldn't see when my eyes are closed. I'm even scared of sleep because I couldn't see anything. Every time when I see the whole room in black, I freak out. Is this normal?

Best answer: Hi, floaters are generally due to age and normally are nothing to worry about.