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It's been a couple of years, and I never really go out to see the sun... I work from home.. Usually go out when the sun goes down.... I workout and exercise at home, pretty fit.. However, my eyes gets tired most of the time.. I think it's the lack of seeing sun or something.. Or maybe because I stare at the... show more

Best answer: By inspecting your retina and other parts of your eye.

I think I'm blind?

6 answers · 4 days ago
How do I know if I'm blind or not. In my right eye it's darker than my other eye. When I say that I mean I can see more light around me then in the other eye

Best answer: I have really big dark blue-green eyes. They're dark blue on the outside and have a slightly lighter green ring around them. I guess they're not too bad! My mother has light blue eyes and I always wished I'd had that color instead! But I think all eye colors are lovely :)

Am i going blind?

5 answers · 3 days ago
I tried to remove my contacts all day yesterday and now.today my vision is blurry and my eyes kinda hurt. What do i do? I was touching the black part btw.

Can you make someone colour blind?

6 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Colour blind people are born that way. Vindictive anal orifices like you can t do anything about that.

it seems like I have like strained , weak eyes a lot after staring at a computer screen all the time, is this normal? why don't hear much about anyone else complaining about it?

Best answer: Online tests are not very accurate , you are proof of that. At 20/200 you wouldn't see a baseball coming at you until it hit you in the forehead, and you wouldn't be seeing well enough to drive either. You wouldn't be seeing stop signs or traffic lights. You definitely need an eye exam and proper... show more

I'm scared of doing a vision test?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
So will the put me in jail because my eye sight is bad? I've been driving and I have never had an accident before but can they call the cops and put me in jail? Will they take my license away?

Are my eyes far apart?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
i was just obsessing about it (only putting on temporarily)

Is it worth getting checked?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
My eyesight has always differed between the two eyes. I can't see very clearly out of my left eye, unless its up close. And even then it looks a little funny. My right eye is a lot better, but sometimes i still struggle to see small text. And at night i see halos around cars' headlights and lamp posts, and... show more