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A motorcycle is 2 wheeled vehicle powered by a motor/engine. A moped is primarily a low powered motored hybrid of an engine and human power. The purpose of the pedals is when the motor isn't operating nor being used. Simple logic.

Should I buy an electric vehicle?

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Best answer: It is a brilliant idea and just goes to show how clever we can be when we put our best minds towards solving a problem Just imagine how far we would have progressed, if all the money the fossil fuel industry and governments has put towards fossil fuel research in the last 30 years had gone towards researching... show more

Best answer: Our fearless leaders have opened the gates to all that come here as long as they are here illegally. They are spending their money on illegal immigrants while neglecting homelessness which they also foster but now are suggesting homelessness is a national problem and not theirs. They are so screwed up. They will... show more

Best answer: I think the problem is that there is a lot of misconception about renewable energy. In order for us to tackle climate change, what we have to do is reduce our CO2 emissions. We need to get to a situation where the amount of CO2 we're producing is decreasing over time. One way of doing that in terms of energy... show more

My car

Best answer: cause they dont what the hell there doing, i had a change to buy into 40 years ago. now if we got rid of gas the oil companys wood go broke its all about money like everything elese

"An electric car recharged by a coal-fired plant produces as much CO2 as a gasoline-powered car that gets 29 miles per gallon. (For context, the average mpg of all the cars, SUVs, vans and light trucks sold in the U.S. over the past year is 25.2 mpg.) A plug-in recharged by a natural gas-powered plant is like... show more

Best answer: It won't replace diesel, but it can certainly supplement it. Diesel engines can run B80 (80% biodiesel) in the summer, and B20 in the winter without modification. Developed countries are using biofuels. In the US (and some other nations), the gasoline supply has about 10 percent ethanol, and there are... show more

Which of these are not a fossil fuel?

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Biomass, Coal, Natural Gas, Uranium, Diesel, Gasoline

Best answer: The tesla is the best car on the market, as soon as it drops in price everyone will have one

Best answer: You going through Kansas or something? Look around the back of a Mcdonalds or 7-11, they probably have a plug you can sneak a cord into.

Seems like it would use more energy than it would produce or else we would already be doing that on earth

Why is my butt so hairy?

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Best answer: Your daddy must have been a bigfoot

What will happen to the diesel fuel?

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Toyota and Nissan seem to stop manufacturing diesel engine cars. What will happen to diesel fuel? Will it be available in the future? Will it be more expensive? It used to be half price of gasoline in Asia. I am interested in owning a diesel car in near future. Thank you.

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